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Master to Diploma Student Visa (Sub-Class 500)

The Student visa (subclass 500) permits you to stay in Australia for up to 5 years if you are studying full-time at an educational institution.

You can do the following with this visa:

What are the eligibility criteria for the Student visa 500?

What is the process for applying for a Student visa 500?

What is the cost of the Student visa 500?

For the primary applicant, the cost of the Student visa 500 starts at AUD$630. Each family member who applies for a visa will be charged. You may use the Visa Pricing Estimator to figure out how much your visa will cost.

What is the processing time for the Student visa 500?

Processing time frames vary depending on whatever field you're applying for, however they can range from:

In the Higher Education Sector, 75% of applications were received in 29 days, while 90% were received in 42 days.

In 43 days, 75% of applications were received; in 77 days, 90% of applications were received for the Vocational Education and Training Sector.

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