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This is a temporary visa that permits you to stay in Australia for up to two years to pursue workplace / industry-based training to develop your professional abilities. Your nomination should explicitly state the objective or type of training, as well as how and where it will be delivered.

There are three types of nominations.

You cannot extend your visa once it has expired and you must apply for a new one.

For additional information, please contact ELEGANCE consultancy.

You can always include your family in your application or after your visa is granted. If you wish to bring your family members with you once you get your visa, you can always apply for a temporary work and activity visa (403,407,408).


Application Fee AUD310.00

Additional Applicant Charge 18+ AUD310.00

Additional Applicant Charges U18 AUD80.00

Subsequent Temporary Application Charge (if applying from Australia) AUD1,400.00

Processing time:

No exact processing time is specified

Visa requirements:

8102 - No more work related to study or training

You can only work if it is related to your studies or training.

8104 - Work Restriction: Fortnight 40 hours

The maximum amount of work time allowed in a fortnight is 40 hours. A fortnight is a two-week period beginning on Monday.

8106 - range of work

You are not permitted to work in Australia unless it is directly related to the business or activities described in your visa application.

8107 - range of work

The visa you hold was granted to you by a specific employer in order for you to work or perform certain activities in Australia.

You must continue to work for your employer. You should not work for another scenario, occupation, or employer, or for yourself.

You must not discontinue the activity for which the visa was issued.

You should not engage in any other activities, whether for yourself or for others.

If you are required to finish the profession for which you were nominated, you must have a licence, registration, or membership.

Visa Nomination Form 407

If you are in Australia for a nominated activity, you must participate in that activity.If you are in Australia for a job, you should:

If you stop working for a sponsor, your sponsor must tell us. You will have 28 days:

If you want to move jobs, your new employer must apply for and be approved as a sponsor.

Your sponsor must have an authorized nomination for you if you have a subclass 407 visa.
Apply for a temporary activity visa if you have a subclass 401 or 420 visa (subclass 408).
400, 403, 408, 407 - Nomination Visa

You must only participate in the activities for which your visa was issued. If you stop working for your employer or stop engaging in the activity for which your visa was issued, you may be required to leave Australia or apply for a new visa to meet your circumstances.

8303 - Don't be disruptive

You must not engage in any activities that disrupt or threaten the Australian community or any group within the Australian community.

Instilling or supporting radical views, for example, and interrupting the activities of the Australian community.

8501 - Maintain adequate health insurance

You must obtain and keep proper health insurance throughout your stay in Australia.

8503 - No more stopping

You are unable to apply for a valid visa for any new original visa other than a security visa while in Australia.

If your circumstances have significantly changed, you may request that we waive the condition.

8516 - Continue to meet visa requirements

You must continue to meet the criteria for a visa grant.

8522 - you can leave Australia with or before the primary visa holder

You must depart Australia concurrently with or before a member of your family unit who has met the primary visa conditions.

8525 - Must leave Australia on due date

You must go from Australia:

Within the time frame provided in your visa grant letter, using the mode of transportation specified in your grant letter

8526 - Tell us where you live in Australia

You must notify the government in writing of your place of residence in Australia seven days before the visa expires. You must provide the information to the Australian Capital Territory's Central Office of Immigration.

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