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Elegance Education Consultancy PTY Ltd Offers Education Providers with Accredited Representation/Agency Services and offers International Students Qualified Counselling that consistently achieves the best educational outcomes for student’s requirement

Our goal is to support every learner, every learning professional, education institutes and recruitment organizations through our work.

EEC has tried to dispel the myths associated with abroad studies and internships by simplifying the procedures through technology resourcing and knowledge consulting with institutions and agencies alike. Till date many students have successfully gone to different countries through our consulting.

Our services begin with identifying the profile and needs of the students and guiding them to select a right course of action based on current market trends, needs, prospects, financial budget and other relevant important aspects. This is followed up with assisting students in making applications, practice interviews, advising them on acceptance of offer, visa processing, fights and accommodation arrangements, etc.

Currently, EEC operates in liaison with partner companies in India and Australia. (EEC) is a company based in Australia that overlooks the management of INTERNATIONAL students’ applications to Australian institutes. Australia has recently grown in stature with international students as far as quality and affordability are concerned. EEC is also involved in the international human resources provisioning business, providing Indian workers to factories and service companies in India.

EEC is a registered company in Australia, which guides students through its forum and direct- chat based web-platform. EEC is the only consultancy that Student Navigation points to for students to approach after inter-web counselling.

In its quest to serve students and parents in the Asian region in the years ahead, EEC has slowly but surely built a strong reputation as a provider of reliable support and expertise to students seeking guidance in abroad studies and internships.