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Visitors Visa for Australia (Subclass 600)

Do you wish to travel to Australia to see your family, friends, or relatives, or to enjoy the beautiful beauty and Adventures? In fact, an Australian visiting visa (Subclass 600) is required.

You must apply in order to go to Australia without difficulty. It is sometimes referred to as an Australian tourist visa. To get a tourist visa for Australia, one must first plan to visit Australia exclusively, and second, have sufficient funds to finance their stay while in Australia. The tourist should be forced to labour there.

Are you planning a trip or cruise to Australia with relatives or friends? Contact Bansal Immigration Consultant for assistance. You can go to Australia as an individual tourist via the Australian visitor visa offshore stream. It is not a valid work visa. You have a maximum stay of 12 months.

There are several types of Australian visitor visas available:

Tourist Stream (apply in Australia)

By applying for a visa through this channel, you may either apply for or extend your tourist visa. You can visit your family in Australia as a tourist. You are unable to conduct business or receive medical treatment. You can remain for up to a year.

Tourist Stream (apply outside Australia)

You can visit Australia as a tourist under this stream. You are ineligible for employment. You may remain for up to a yea

Sponsored family stream

You may meet your family members and spend quality time with them in this stream.

You can remain for up to a year.

Business visitor stream

You can visit Australia for business purposes under this category. You are welcome to remain for up to three months.


There are three essential requirements for obtaining an Australian tourist visa and visiting Australia.

The table below shows the cost of an Australian tourist visa.
Stream Cost in AUD
Tourist Stream (apply outside Australia) 365
Tourist Stream (apply outside Australia) 145
Sponsored family stream 145
Business visitor stream 145
Fastrack (Additional) 1000
Visa Requirement 8101 - No Work

You are not permitted to work in Australia while holding this visa

Visa Condition 8201 - Maximum study period of 3 months

You are not permitted to study or train in Australia for more than three months.

Maintain proper health insurance (Visa Condition 8501).

You must obtain and have appropriate health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia.

Visa Requirement 8503 - No longer stay

A tourist must leave Australia when the term of stay allowed by the visa expires.

Visa Condition 8531 - You must leave before your visa expires.

You must depart before your visa expires: The holder must leave Australia at the conclusion of the visa`s allotted period of stay.

Visa Requirement 8558 – Non-Resident

A non-resident may not stay in the country for longer than 12 months.

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