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Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590)

You can normally care for a minor under the age of 18 with this visa. You can help more than one student at once.

You can stay in Australia until the date mentioned on your visa grant letter once you have received a visa. You can always apply for a Student Guardian Visa if you want to extend your stay.

You are not permitted to bring a child under the age of six. If a member of your family is over the age of six, they must apply for a student visa.


Application Fee for Main Applicant: AUD620.00

Additional charges for dependents: AUD470.00

Processing time:

processing time is not specified.

Visa requirements: 8101 - No work

One should not work in Australia.

This means that while in Australia, you should avoid doing work for which you are normally compensated.

8201 - Maximum 3 months study

On an English language intensive course (ELICOS) for Overseas Students, you have to study for up to 20 hours each week .

8501 - Maintain adequate health insurance

One must obtain and keep proper health insurance throughout your stay in Australia.

8502 - Do not arrived before the person mentioned on the visa

You must not enter Australia before the person named on the visa may. In most cases, this is the primary visa holder or someone else, such as your sponsor in the event of a partner visa.

8516 - Continue to meet visa requirements

One must continue to meet the criteria for a visa grant.

8534 – No Further Stay

When you are in Australia, we will not give you a new substantive visa, except:

8537 - Stay with students and provide for their accommodation, support and welfare

You must be in Australia while the enrolled student is in Australia.

When you and the nominated student are in Australia, you must:

8538 - Do not leave Australia without a student

You must not leave Australia without the student's consent.

you must first prove to us, If you need to leave Australia without the student you are caring of :

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