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To guarantee you fulfil the Australian credentials, Home Affairs asks you to complete a migration skills assessment (to offer thorough information about their qualifications and job experience) from an assessing authority. The most popular visa category for foreign professionals, managers, tradespeople, and international graduates in Australia is the GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION (GSM) visa.

A positive skill evaluation is required when moving to Australia for a skilled career. Reviewing the skilled occupation list and understanding the criteria of your occupation is the first step in completing your skills assessment and filing your application. It's time to start the skills evaluation procedure once you've decided on your profession. The Australian Computer Society (ACS), Engineer Australia (EA), CPA Australia, and VETASSESS are among the more than 20 bodies that test abilities.

In such instance, you must get an official document from the institute providing the qualification's Academic Registrar's Office or student administration declaring that you have met all of the award's requirements and that you are qualified to receive the award.

1) Familiarize yourself with your profession and job descriptions.

Review the skilled occupation lists for your specific visa 189 occupation lists and 190/489 skilled occupation lists to begin the skilled application procedure. Two examples of nominated vocations and their employment criteria are shown below.

Marketing Specialist – ANZSCO 225113
Customer Service Manager – ANZSCO 149212
2) There are no language requirements in English.

The VETASSESS skills exam has the advantage of not requiring English language skills tests such as IELTS test scores. Having said that, the majority of VETASSESS skill levels do need post-secondary education.

3) Requirements for work experience

For General Occupations, VETASSESS demands a minimum of one year of strongly relevant work experience after graduation.

4) The VETASSESS Groups are divided into six categories.

For General Occupations, VETASSESS includes six separate classes. For assessment purposes, VETASSESS has divided its general vocations into groups A, B, C, D, E, and F, based on the ANZSCO indicated skill level. The table below shows the appropriate groups and their skill levels, although group F is not included because it has just one employment.

ANZSCO Skill level VETASSESS Occupation Group
Skill Level 1 Australian Bachelor degree or Master degree or Doctoral degree Group A or B
Skill Level 2 Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Associate Degree or AQF Advanced Diploma or AQF Diploma Group C or E
Skill Level 3 AQF Certificate III (with additional years of employment) or AQF Certificate IV Group D/td>
Group Qualification Requirements
Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F

It has only one occupation - 442111 Prison Officer.

5) Evidence Documents for VETASSESS Assessment 6) VETASSESS Fees and Processing Time
VETASSESS Fees Processing time
Standard Assessment AUD 968.00/td> 10 to 12 weeks
JPriority Processing AUD 1628.00 10 Business days

VETASSESS is Australia's largest supplier of vocational education and training assessments. It offers exams for both General Professional Occupations and Trade Occupations.

Under General Jobs, VETASSESS examines numerous common occupations, such as Marketing Specialist, Property Manager, Conference and Event Organizers, and Customer Service Manager.

VETASSESS performs skill evaluations for nominated employment categories under the General Skilled Migration program based on post-secondary educational degrees.

What if you have a complete qualification but no certificate?

In such scenario, you must get an official document from the Academic Registrar's Office of the institute providing the qualification or student administration declaring that you have completed all prerequisites for the award and are qualified to receive it.

Indicate when the prize will be presented, if possible.

How long does a Skill Assessment take?  
Can VETASSESS meet my deadline?

VETASSESS will make every attempt to fulfil your deadline, but no assurance can be made. 

CERTIFY Your documents?

Anyone authorizeds to witness statutory papers, such as a Justice of the Peace, a lawyer or solicitor, a police officer, a Member of Parliament, dentists, and pharmacists, can certify documents.  

Have more than one qualification?

If you have more than one qualification, you do not need to have all of them examined. In general, VETASSESS will only evaluate the credentials that are required for an applicant to fulfil the requirements of the specified qualification.

Completion of the Skill Assessment

VETASSESS will provide the applicant with a written declaration on the comparability of your post-secondary education to the Australian qualifications necessary for your specified occupation when the Skill Assessment procedure is completed. 

Applications for reassessment must be submitted within 90 days of VETASSESS offering advice on the original Skill Assessment to the applicant.

Dissatisfied with reassessment?

If you are unhappy with the results of the reassessment, you may file an appeal. Appeals must be submitted within 28 days of VETASSESS providing advice on the reassessment decision. There is a non-refundable charge that may vary without notice. The decision of the appeals committee is final.

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