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Student Subsequent Entrant Visa Student Dependent Visa (Subclass 500)

It would be difficult task to leave your family in your home country and pursuing studies in you know that you can add your family members under your student visa after granting of visa tenure?

Student subsequent entrant (student dependent visa) subclass 500 visa allows your beloveds ones to accompany you in Australia while you pursue your studies.

Visa eligibility criteria:

* department may refuse to grant visa to your family members, if you failed to disclose your family membes.

Student subsequent entrant visa processing time:

It may takes around 5-8 months to get the decision after submission of all the documents and necessary documents that need to be uploaded along with the application . (time period may vary)

Student visa application fee (in aud):

You can include your family members also ,they can accompany you while your study in Australia.

Student subsequent entrant

Application fee AUD700.00

Additional applicant charge 18+ AUD460.00

Additional applicant charge u18+ AUD150.00

*additional cost consists of overseas student health cover, biometrics and health checks. In some cases, you can be also asked to provide police checks to prove your character.

Visa conditions

8201 – maximum three months study

This condition is applied to you in austrailia which means that you are only allowed to engage in up to but not exceeding three months of study or training while you are in australia.

8104 – work limitation

This condition depicts that you have not engage in work until the primary student visa holder has commenced a course of study. When you are in australia you are not allowed to work for more than 40 hours a fortnight. If the primary student visa holder undertakes is for a masters or doctoral degree, then only you are allowed to work more than 40 hours per fortnight but only in these circumstances.

8501 – maintain health insurance

Maintaining a health insurance is necessary in australia. This condition means that you must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance (generally overseas student health cover) while you are in australia. You must not enter australia before your overseas student health cover has begun. You are not permitted to remain in australia after your overseas student health cover has expired. If you are a student from norway, belgium or sweden you may not need to maintain overseas student health cover. So inshort you need to being extra careful with maintaining health insurance while you stay in austrailia.

More information: 500/overseas-student-health-cover

8516 – must maintain eligibility

This condition means that you must continue to maintain your eligibility as a person who would satisfy the criteria for the grant of your visa.

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