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What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in Australia ?

Skills and knowledge you gained through work and life experience is a Known as Recognition of prior learning (RPL) in Australia . RPL includes the skills and experiences of your work . For example, you could get a certification in business administration igf you had a prior working experience in office . Working in a restaurant will help you to get a certificate and could count towards a qualification in hotel management.

RTO is used An assessment process as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL to evaluate a person’s skills, knowledge and experience gained through working and learning life experiences. It is only through the RPL where one can get their work experience and also skills assessed so that they can obtain a qualification through it.

The qualification which you gain in RPL Is purely based on the skills and learnings that you learn on the work site and not the learnings and skills that is learnt in the classroom. It will help you to obtained your qualification quicker and cheaper. It is considered much cheaper as compared to a full qualification, because you’re not paying to learn things you are already know.

For example, if you have worked as a nursing staff for many years, you might already aware of the skills and knowledge that you would require if you studied the course in Australia. In short if you are already having an experience in work related to your course then this will be easy for you to maintain and accomplished your course.

What are the requirements for RPL?

The primary requirement for an RPL in Australia incorporates a process where you need to be currently as a employed that allows you to demonstrate the skills required for the qualification . you need to show yourself as much as capable to do the work as per your qualification no matter what degree or diploma. In addition you need a supervisor in your workplace who sign you off on the competencies required.

How much does RPL in Australia cost?

Factors that might be considered while Applying for RPL ?

If your qualification is funded by the Australian Government under state training initiatives, there will be no additional cost for the RPL process. If you are a self funded student and enrolled as a Fee-For-Service student, the cost for RPL is $160 per unit.

How do I apply for RPL in Australia?

If you are planning to apply for RPL initial assessment then you need to have following documents.

Job description

An update resume comprising your work history, skills and knowledge.

Transcripts and certification of qualifications which you have completed.

Any professional development or training or internship that you have attended before.


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