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Student Visa Extension

You might be eligible to extend your student visa so that you can remain longer and finish your course or enroll in a new one.

It's frequently delicate for international students to get habituated to the Australian environment once they arrived in country. There may be multiple reasons as to why scholars can not complete their studies in their visa term.

Because the scholar visa procedure is complicated, this can be grueling and unwelcome. Still, we at elegance consultancy advisors can take care of everything for you and relieve you of your cargo.

Following the submission of a student visa application, you will be awarded a bridging visa, allowing you to continue your studies while working within the confines of the law.

For further information, please see our student visa page.

Conditions of Bridging Visas

8105 – work limitation

(1a) you are not permitted to work in Australia prior to the start of your study degree.

You must not work in Australia for more than 40 hours in any fortnight during while your study or training programme is in progress

Subsection (1) does not apply:

( a) to work that was specified as a demand of the course when the course particulars were entered in the commonwealth register of institutions and courses for overseas scholars; and

(b) in relation to sub class 574 (postgraduate research sector) visa if the holder has commenced the masters degree by exploration or doctoral degree.

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